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Beyond Identity is excited to have a spectacular presence planned during Black Hat 2024! We have our product experts in the booth, an interactive challenge to test your abilities to spot phishing attacks, a speaking session, a Black Hat Briefing Pass giveaway, whiskey tasting, and more! Check out all the opportunities we’ve curated to meet you and learn about your cybersecurity business challenges.


LIMITED TIME ONLY! Enter to win a Black Hat Briefing Pass!

Really want to go to Black Hat USA but don’t have a pass? Beyond Identity is giving away one free briefing pass valued at $2,695! Register here by July 31st for your chance to win this pass. One entry per person only, additional rules apply. See details for more information.

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LIMITED TIME ONLY! Enter to win a Black Hat Briefing Pass!

Want to go to Black Hat USA but don’t have a pass? Beyond Identity is giving away one free briefing pass valued at $2,699! Register by July 30th for your chance to win this pass. One entry per person only; additional rules apply.

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Visit our booth #2068 and test your skills against phishing attacks!

Can you spot a phishing attack? Test your skills in our latest product demonstration, and learn about our deterministic approach that catches them all!

But wait! There's more! Stop by our booth to star in your own deepfake video. Come see how easy it is for anyone to be a victim of social engineering, and you'll receive your very own copy to share and test with others.

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Visit our booth #1386 to learn why Zero Trust Authentication is so important in protecting your organization and just how easy it is to be socially engineered! 

Stop by our booth where you can learn how to achieve Zero Trust Authentication maturity.  See a demonstration of our products so you can experience their ease of use for yourself and the power of our policy engine that protects against social engineering!

Speaking of social engineering, interact with mentalist Jason Suran. Jason will hit home the Zero Trust message of “trust no one” by showing attendees just how easy it is for anyone to be a victim of social engineering.

Show times: 
Wed Aug 9,  2 - 4PM 
Thur Aug 10,  1 - 3PM

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Meet with our executives

Get face-time with our executives throughout the week in our Mandalay Bay meeting suite. Whatever your needs, our executives and experts are ready to discuss your challenges, map out solutions, and demonstrate how easily Beyond Identity secures access to your systems and data. 

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Beyond Identitiy’s CEO, Jasson Casey presents:

The MFA Exploitation Explosion and You
Wednesday Aug 7 | 4:10 PM PT | Mandalay Bay J

This session will break down active MFA bypass attacks, detail how MFA architectures can be made resilient, and discuss NIST Authenticator Assurance Levels and what AAL3 requires.

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MFA Breaches are Endemic – Best Practices From Snowflake’s Response.  

Wednesday, August 7th | 4:10 - 5:00 PM PT
Presented by: Louis Marascio & Jonathan Sander 

Join us for an in-depth session on the recent Snowflake security breach. A team working with the organization will dissect the techniques used by the attackers to infiltrate the system. You'll learn how the breach exploited common vulnerabilities, particularly focusing on the lack of multi-factor authentication (MFA) among customers. The session will detail the reconnaissance methods employed by the attackers, which involved a range of publicly available database management utilities and custom reconnaissance utilities.

The team will also explain how stolen credentials and infostealer malware facilitated unauthorized access, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness of these attacks. Most importantly, the session will cover how organizations can easily harden these vulnerabilities, highlighting best practices in securing cloud environments and the importance of robust access controls.

This technical analysis will equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge to prevent similar breaches in their own systems and fortify their defenses against evolving threats.

  • Detailed breakdown of the attack vectors used in the Snowflake breach.
  • Understanding the role of MFA and proper credential management in preventing breaches.
  • Practical steps to harden vulnerabilities and enhance security measures.
    Insights from professionals directly involved in managing the breach response.
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CISO Whiskey Tasting Reception 

Tuesday, August 6 | 6:00 - 10:00 PM PT 

Join us for an intimate gathering of cybersecurity leaders to network and enjoy some whiskey accompaniments. Scheduled to happen the night prior to the start of the briefings and business hall, this event is the perfect way to kick off your conference experience.

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Beyond Identity CISO Dinner

Join Beyond Identity's Co-founder and CEO, Jasson Casey, for an exclusive CISO dinner at Aria's Jean George's Steakhouse.

This intimate event is designed for senior cybersecurity leaders to share insights, network, and discuss the latest industry trends. Connect with peers in a sophisticated setting and gain valuable knowledge to enhance your cybersecurity strategies. Sign up now to reserve your spot at this premier gathering.

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